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250+ Million Downloads

250+ Million

90k+ Enterprise Customers

90k+ Enterprise

101+ Million Cloud Sessions Per Year

101+ Million
Cloud Sessions Per Year

About VNC Connect

Fast, secure & reliable – Instantly connect & take control

The best in class remote access solution across industries

Connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it.
Control, support, administer, monitor, train or work remotely with VNC® Connect.

Our game-changing software is trusted by industry giants

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All the powerful features you need, at an affordable price

Control at your fingertips. VNC Connect is simple to use, which makes it even easier to deploy to everyone in your organization. There’s no bloat, so you’re not paying for features you don’t need.

Intuitive remote control

Intuitive remote control

Use the mouse and keyboard (or touchscreen) in front of you as though they belong to the remote computer.

Tried and tested performance

Tried and tested performance

As the original inventors of VNC® technology, we know how to create a responsive screen sharing experience that’s as good as being there.

Cross-platform support

Cross-platform support

PC to PC and mobile to PC across Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS and Android.

Attended and unattended access

Attended and unattended access

Connect whether remote computer owners are present or not.

Direct and cloud connectivity

Direct and cloud connectivity

Our cloud service automatically brokers cloud connections between devices wherever they are.

Pre-install or connect on demand

Pre-install or connect on demand

Add device access to your subscription, install VNC® Connect on every device you own or manage, and enable access by anyone at any time.

File transfer, printing and chat

File transfer, printing and chat

During a session, you’re not restricted to just interacting with the remote screen.


Secure by design

VNC® Connect is built from the ground up with security in mind, to balance the control you need with the privacy that compliance requires.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support

VNC® Connect is available in French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as well as English, with more translations on the way.

Online team management

Online team management

Manage remote computers, the people you invite into your team to share remote access with, and their roles and permissions from one central location.

Remote deployment

Remote deployment

With an Enterprise subscription, you can deploy VNC® Connect in bulk, offline or remotely using your standard enterprise tooling.

Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops under Linux

With an Enterprise subscription, you can create virtual desktops on Linux computers.

VNC® Connect capabilities

One product for all your remote access needs. VNC Connect has two capabilities, device access and instant support. Just add the capability you need to your subscription, or both to cover every remote access use case.

Device Access

Device Access

Add device access to your VNC® Connect subscription and control computers you own or manage. Once VNC® Connect is installed on those computers, anyone in your team can have access at any time, attended or unattended, direct or via the cloud.

Perfect for remote workers, departmental teams, integrating customers and suppliers, and IT support for your device estate.

Instant support

Intant Support

Add instant support to your VNC® Connect subscription and connect to a colleague or customer’s computer in seconds (with their permission), without installing any software, making them perform complex operations, or leaving a footprint behind.

Perfect for service desk technicians or IT support in a BYOD environment.

Cloud direct

Cloud (Internet) and
direct (LAN) connectivity

Licensed per remote computer to control

Licensed per remote
computer to control


Attended and
unattended access

Installation required

Installation on remote
computer required

Cloud only

Cloud connectivity
only (Internet required)

Licensed per technician

Licensed per technician
taking control

Attended access only

Attended access

No installation required

No install;
zero footprint

Purchasing made easy

With multiple licensing options, hidden restrictions and confusing terminology, buying some remote access software can be difficult. With VNC® Connect, you just need to answer three simple questions…

1. Which subscription should I choose?
Select either a Professional or Enterprise subscription by comparing their feature sets.

2. How many of my own computers do I want to access, attended or unattended?
Optionally, add device access to your subscription by specifying the number of computers you own or manage to remotely access.

3. How many technicians do I need to meet demand for ad hoc support or service?
Optionally, add instant support to your subscription by specifying the number of technicians you need for IT support or customer service on anyone’s computer.

Licensing models



Software licensed for commercial use

Latest desktop & mobile platforms

Cloud connectivity

Full session encryption

High-speed streaming

Team management capabilities




For individuals and businesses

128-bit AES


For large organizations

Up to 256-bit AES


24/7 attended and unattended access to computers you own or manage.

Maximum number of remote computers

Maximum number of connecting users

Simple password authentication

Multi-factor & system authentication

Printing, file transfer, chat

Dark mode for Mac OS

Screen recording

Direct connectivity

Single sign-on (SSO)

Centralized deployment w/ license key

Remote configuration/lock down

Legacy platform support

User and Virtual modes

Third-party VNC® compatibility

Controlled by tier


Controlled by tier



Instant access to anyone’s computer, without installing remote access software.

Concurrent sessions per technician

Simple session code authorization

File transfer

Elevation to run admin operations

Automatic resume on reboot

Branding and app customization

Comprehensive session history