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TeamViewer Assist AR is a comprehensive, scalable AR solution that caters to every customer based on their business needs.


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About TeamViewer Assist AR

Repair & Maintenance Operations

Provide real-time support for your customers or service technicians.

Imagine a factory worker in France repairing a production machine that was engineered and manufactured in Germany or Japan. Getting an expert on-site would take days with considerable cost. Using TeamViewer Assist AR, the manufacturer’s support expert can remotely guide the technician through the repair with augmented reality.

    • Improve first-time fix rates, avoid unnecessary site visits, and reduce costs
    • Prolong machine health with guided preventive maintenance
    • Record support sessions for future training and knowledge transfer
    • Decrease human errors and avoid machine downtime
    • Help customers perform first-level troubleshooting

Field Service

Support your field service technicians no matter where they are.

Using TeamViewer Assist AR, remote experts can securely provide guidance to field technicians during a live video session, or aid them in complex fault resolution. Improve processes and increase accuracy with comprehensive expert guidance.

    • Improve service resolution time with real-time expert guidance
    • Provide instructions for complex procedures as needed, minimizing human error
    • Share files and resources, like manuals or diagnostic data, directly within the video session
    • Guide and mentor junior technicians more quickly while ensuring safety and compliance

TeamViewer Assist Augmented Reality

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Probleme schneller lösen

Solve problems faster

Enable your service technicians and customers to get instant support from experts with interactive video support calls and minimize machine downtime.

process acceleration

Improve Processes and Operations

Improve processes and operations with dynamic, contextual information exchange through a collaborative peer-to-peer remote support AR session.

digitalize knowhow and knowledge transfer

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

Onboard and train junior technicians quicker by enabling senior experts to guide them remotely and record important sessions for future training and faster knowledge transfer.

end to end encryption

Stay Secure

All remote sessions are AES-256 bit end-to-end encrypted, complying with SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001:2015, and GDPR.

reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce travel costs by minimizing on-site visits with remote expert help for service technicians and customers.

work improvement through augmented reality

Innovative Business Models

Innovate and expand your Service Level Agreements (SLA) with AR-powered remote support. Digitize and optimize service processes, such as after-sales, and dealer support.


Fix everyday problems remotely with Augmented Reality

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Use Cases

Repair & Maintenance Operations


Empower your remote experts to guide on-site technicians in repair, maintenance, or inspection processes through AR-powered remote assistance.

Drive Operational Efficiency with AR Remote Assistance

reduce errors and downtime industry

Minimize Machine Downtime

Assist the on-site technicians remotely, reducing the need for costly travel. Plus, remotely guide your customers through preventive maintenance processes to extend the life of machines and reduce downtime.

process acceleration industry

Streamline and Optimize Processes

Inspections, repair, and maintenance operations are critical for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and safety. Improve processes and increase accuracy with comprehensive, dynamic, and contextual expert guidance. Streamline and optimize efficient scheduling of future maintenance or parts delivery and even record all TeamViewer Assist AR sessions for documentation and precise record-keeping.

pass on detailed expert knowledge industry

Enhance Training Processes and Knowledge Transfer

Accelerate onboarding and improve knowledge transfer between senior and junior technicians as the seniors provide remote guidance and on-the-job training for your next generation of workers. Plus, record TeamViewer Assist AR sessions for future reference, documentation, and training purposes.

reduce costs industry

Improve First-Time Fix Rates and Reduce Costs

Detect faults more accurately and efficiently with remote experts guiding on-site technicians through complex procedures to achieve better first-time fix rates. Eliminate unnecessary downtime due to inaccurate diagnosis or insufficient repairs, while minimizing recurrent site visits along with the associated overhead costs of travel, accommodation, and extra service hours.

Field Service


Empower your frontline field service teams with augmented reality technology to improve key service metrics, save costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

Maximized Productivity with Lower Costs

Aviation Industry


In the aviation industry, 37,400 new aircraft will be put into service over the next 20 years. Regularly servicing these machines is time-intensive and requires skilled workers with an eye for detail. With TeamViewer Assist AR, field service technicians can get the remote assistance they need anytime, anywhere.

health industry


Patients deserve medical devices that work correctly and consistently. TeamViewer Assist AR enables medical equipment manufacturers to achieve their highest uptime levels, ensuring compliance with SLAs while boosting revenues from consumables and reagents through timely remote service.

manufacturing industry


Downtime is the enemy of all manufacturers. TeamViewer Assist AR improves remote diagnostics and resolution of mechanical failures through real-time visual collaboration between field technicians and remote experts, helping you prevent costly downtime and eliminating unnecessary field visits.

energy industry


Getting experts to an offshore rig or other remote areas is a logistical challenge. With TeamViewer Assist AR, your remote teams are always able to reach out to your experts on the mainland when they need assistance with complex maintenance tasks. Following first-level troubleshooting remotely, mainland support teams can pre-schedule spare-parts’ delivery and service intervention at the next port.

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License Models

Assist AR Lite

For Individuals and Small Teams


  • For commercial use
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Remote camera sharing
  • HD VoIP
  • Real-time annotations
  • File sharing
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Session Recording
  • Up to 10 smart glasses support

Assist AR Professional & Enterprise

For Companies

Assist AR Enterprise is designed for companies with a high demand for customized solutions.

  • For commercial use
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Remote camera sharing
  • HD VoIP
  • Real-time annotations
  • File sharing
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Session Recording
  • Unlimited smart glasses support

Additional Features for Professional & Enterprise

    • Connection Reports
    • Enhanced Mass Deployment
    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Integrations for industry-leading Support, CRM, and Help Desk Systems
    • Web API and custom integrations
    • Enterprise SDK
    • On-premise Deployment
    • Conditional Access Router
    • White-labelling

    You're interested in TeamViewer Assist AR?

    Try TeamViewer Assist AR 14 days without obligation