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VeinID Five

VeinID Five is an innovative biometric solution developed by Hitachi, which revolutionises identity authentication for access control and secure areas.

It offers a safe, reliable, and non-invasive method of verifying individuals’ identities quickly and with high accuracy.

How it works

Simply raise your hand towards a standard laptop or desktop camera, and witness the magic unfold.

VeinID Five harnesses the power of ambient light spectrum to illuminate the intricate web of vein patterns residing within your fingers.

Why the veins?

When it comes to safeguarding your identity, traditional biometric data such as fingerprints may fall short in the face of determined counterfeiters.

But the veins operate internally, possessing a level of complexity that is remarkably difficult to replicate or forge.

VeinID Five by Hitachi triumphs where other biometric authentication methods have failed. With VeinID Five, you can experience the best of both worlds, embracing the robustness and reliability of two-factor authentication while leaving behind its limitations and weaknesses.

VeinID Five utilises ambient light to enhance the intricate and unique vein patterns in your fingers. This advanced biometric technology accurately verifies your identity, offering secure and precise authentication.

With just a single effortless gesture of raising your hand, VeinID Five prompts the user to initiate the authentication process. A standard laptop or desktop camera (720p or higher) can capture the image.

VeinID Five employs advanced software algorithms for precise biometric matching between the finger vein pattern and the registered user template. Once verified, Windows authentication is swiftly performed in under five seconds, granting seamless access to desired resources.

This system offers a streamlined and superior experience that goes beyond just ease of use and verification. Its benefits encompass a wide range of advantages and enhancements.

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