Benefit from LANSA’s advantages.

Faster Development

With LANSA, development becomes faster, better, more cost effective. Writing less code means more apps can be built faster than ever before. Enterprises finally have the means to attack the backlog of apps the business needs.

 Forget full stack

There is no need for a full stack development team, and all developers can work on any part of the application. With LANSA, only one language is needed for the entire application (yes, from front to back-end)!

 One IDE is enough

LANSA combines easy-to-leverage low-code approaches with conventional coding in the same integrated development environment (IDE).
That means there’s just one IDE needed to develop progressive and iterative applications at speed for the web and desktop, leveraging a single programming language.

Control of platform

LANSA allows deployment on any platform, and provides easy integration and migration with the rest of the development environment. That means full control over applications and no platform lock-in.

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