Cross-Platform DLP

CoSoSys’ mission is to enable businesses and end users around the world to take full advantage of the performance benefits of mobility, portability, and communications solutions, without compromising security. To achieve this, it develops solutions that prevent data loss on the ever-increasing number of devices and endpoints.

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys – Overview

CoSoSys’ advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution puts an end to data leaks and data theft while offering control of portable storage devices and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

It is designed to protect confidential data against insider threats while maintaining productivity and making work more convenient, secure, and enjoyable.

Endpoint Protector is an enterprise-grade DLP software for Windows, macOS and Linux computers, Thin Clients and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. The solution is an ideal choice for companies running on multi-OS networks and it has a modular format that allows them to mix and match the right tools to serve specific needs.

By deploying it, organizations can safeguard personal information and meet compliance requirements for regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, LGPD, CCPA, PCI DSS, etc. Endpoint Protector also offers protection to the company’s intellectual property and trade secrets.

Why Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys?

Discover, monitor, and protect your sensitive data with advanced multi-OS data loss prevention.

  • Best solution on the market for Device Control
  • Best DLP solution for mixed OS environments
  • Zero day support for macOS and Windows – end-customers get instant support for new Endpoint Protector features, without any delays or impact on critical workflows, whenever they upgrade to the latest macOS version
  • DLP modules (Content Aware Protection and eDiscovery) offer predefined policies for an easy setup, but comprehensive settings are available as well (custom policies)
  • Easy to install and configure, easy to set up a trial or POC (deployment options VAPP/cloud instances)
  • Small footprint client application – it won’t impact employees’ productivity
  • Suitable for mid-market/enterprise companies in any industry
  • Each module can be activated separately
  • High User Ratings – 4.6 Product Capabilities. 4.5 Integration & Deployment, 4.6 Evaluation & Contracting, 4.3 Service & Support, according to Gartner Peer Insights for enterprise Data Loss Prevention solutions

Device Control

USB & Peripheral port control

Lockdown, monitor and manage devices. Granular control based on vendor ID, product ID, serial number and more.

Content-Aware Protection

Scanning data in motion

Monitor, control and block file transfers. Detailed control through both content and context inspection.

Enforced Encryption

Automatic USB encryption

Encrypt, manage and secure USB storage devices by safeguarding data in transit. Password-based, easy to use and very efficient.


Scanning data at rest

Discover, encrypt and delete sensitive data. Detailed content and context inspection through manual or automatic scans.

Multiple deployment options

Virtual appliance

Available in VMX, PVA, OVF, OVA, XVA and VHD formats, being compatible with the most popular virtualization tools.

Cloud services

Available for deployment in the following cloud services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Reduce deployment complexity & cost. Focus more resources on identifying and mitigating risks to your sensitive data and less on maintaining the infrastructure.

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSyS provides…

Easy to install and manage

Endpoint Protector can be up and running in 30 minutes. It is easy to run by both technical and non-technical personnel.

Predefined compliance profiles

With the predefined data protection policies, it is easy to find regulated data and to ensure compliance requirements of the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.

Cross-platform protection

Reduce deployment complexity & cost. Focus more resources on identifying and mitigating risks to your sensitive data and less on maintaining the infrastructure.

Detailed reports of user activity

With Endpoint Protector it is possible to track, report and get valuable insights about what sensitive data is being transferred where and by whom.

Flexible deployment options

Endpoint Protector can be deployed in multiple ways, depending on the needs and existing infrastructure of the company.

Granular policies

Granular access rights for removable devices and peripheral ports, as well as security policies for users, computers, and groups, can be easily defined.

Partner Program

As a CoSoSys partner, you are held in high regard as CoSoSys try their best to ensure that you have unlimited access to product information and continued product support.

Join the partner program and you will get:

  • Dedicated live and online technical support
  • Access to pre-qualified sales leads
  • Deal registration for pre-sale discounts and protected accounts
  • Free product and market training plus competitive analysis and Q&As
  • Early release copies for testing and integration
  • Not For Resale copies for internal and employee use
  • Invitations to annual partner conference

“We have tried many security products, but Endpoint Protector is the best of the breed of data loss prevention (DLP) that easily integrates into Apple, Mac and mixed multi-OS environments.”

Brian Bloom, CTO

“We found Endpoint Protector better than other DLP Solutions, especially on File Tracing - Content Aware Protection features, as well as end-users’ Activity Details and Control.”

Prialaksana Januaresza, Assistant VP & IT Head

“Our company was set up within hours and the support and service offered by CoSoSys are excellent.”

Jay Patel, Account Manager

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