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A collection of resources to help our Partners sell the value of Automox solutions.


Marketing Executive: Ausra Petrulyte

Email: ausra.petrulyte@qbssoftware.com

Phone: +370 607 80003



Useful Links

Automox Partner Portal

Everything Automox on a single platform!

Automox Deal Registration

Register your Automox deals directly on the Partner Portal.

Automox Resource Center

Any resource at your disposal!

Automox University

Become an Automox expert!

Ready-made Email campaigns

Landing pages to impress and educate

Social media content to capture attention

Resources available

Copy and example of the microsite to create the best one to feature Automox.

Downoad web resources

A word document with copy and a collection of images for few separate emails. Also included is an ideal example of an email blast. These materials should be used to generate mass eBlasts to your customers.

Download Email Marketing Kit

Ads that can be embedded into an email signature along with the hyperlink to maximize campaign visibility.

Download Email Signature Kit

A word document containing scripted email communications that sales reps can copy, paste, and send to customers directly. Intended to feel like it’s coming from a person, messaging is not as formal, light on verbiage and to the point.

Download Canned Email Marketing Kit

A collection of images to help create deliverables.

Download Image Collection

A series of canned social media posts divided by platform in a word document along with a folder of images to accompany the posts. This takes the work out of social media by allowing you to copy, paste, and post with ease.

Download Social Media Kit

PDF sales materials including Success Stories, Product Brochures, Datasheets, Product Catalogs, etc.

Download Sales Collateral

Submit Your MDF request

Download all campaign-in-a-box assets

Our Commitment to Partners

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